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Cowardice and Confidence / Pulling Weeds

Flip flop. Flip… And…. Flop. My unstable heart is at once cowardly and confident. This synchronous dichotomy just goes to show I have a lot of growing left to do. My fears’ root is the sense that I have to … Continue reading

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9 Years Ago

Nine years ago today you left. A lot has happened since then. Nine years is actually a long time; if you live to be 90, it is 10% of your total life. You only got to be 40, so it’s … Continue reading

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I am NOT pregnant / Three choices when your imperfections are called out

“Will this be number three?” “Congratulations!” “How far along are you?” Three joyful comments I have received in the last three weeks from sweet, ignorant passersby. This is what a postpartum body can look like, folks! There are lots of … Continue reading

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When you want to fight, but you have to laugh

Disclosure: I am entering the third trimester. Anything I say cannot be used against me, because I may be hormone crazy. Yesterday, my husband made some thoughtless remarks. He has an exasperating habit of recognizing these tactless moments by absolutely cracking up. … Continue reading

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Just Like You

My grandfather told my mom occasionally when she was a little girl, “Trina, one day I hope you have a child just like you.” She always took that as a sign she was his favorite and he wanted more kids like her… Until she had me. Continue reading

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Advent Doors / He came so he could say

“Christmas is getting CLOSER!” my growing boy exclaims excitedly, gesturing his huge tiny hands to display a decreasing measure. We press open another paper door on his numbered nativity picture calendar. “Baby, do you know what Advent means?” I know … Continue reading

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The Life of Jesus Starring Charlie (2015)

Jesus never sinned. Not even as a three year old. This is difficult for me to imagine. Have you ever seen a film where a character’s mind and body are being controlled by some other force? A magic spell, a … Continue reading

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