Advent Doors / He came so he could say

“Christmas is getting CLOSER!” my growing boy exclaims excitedly, gesturing his huge tiny hands to display a decreasing measure. We press open another paper door on his numbered nativity picture calendar.

“Baby, do you know what Advent means?”

I know he does not. “I’m not a baby, I’m a big boy,” he sternly reminds me.

“It means something wonderful is coming, Big Boy! Something we watch for and wait for and hope for – Christmas is coming! Do you know why we celebrate Christmas?”

I know he does not.

“It’s when we remember that Jesus came to Earth. Jesus is God! He packed his great big power up tight into a tiny little baby, just like your little baby brother. Can you imagine God like that? Why would he do that?”

His blue eyes glance up at me for the slightest of moments. What can I say to help him understand?

“Listen, Big Darling Boy. God came to live like us so he could say to us:

‘I know what it’s like

To have to share my toys even when they’re my own,

And obey my mother even when she tells me no,

And treat people kindly even when they’re in my way.

I know what it’s like

When my baby brother comes first

And all I want is a sandwich, but I have to be patient

And wait with a good attitude.

I know what it’s like

To lose my shiny penny that I had big plans for

And also my friend when he moved far away.

I know what it’s like

To get the green one instead of the orange and blue,

To feel like it should be my turn now,

To want someone else to do my chores for me

but to do it myself anyway.

I know what it’s like

To get frustrated when others don’t understand what I’m building,

To breathe in and choose peace when they don’t see what they’re doing,

To muster the courage to do what God designed me for,

Even when it’s scary.

I know what it’s like

To be hurting and heal

To feel tired and rest

To repeat the same words over again

And wonder who will ever hear me.

I know what it’s like

To feel the pressure of lack, but find a miracle in spite of it.

To wrestle against worrying that squanders joy, and win.

To ask God with wailing to change his plan,

Even though I know he won’t, and he shouldn’t.

And even though I know what it’s like

To laugh so hard you don’t make a sound,

To squeeze your most precious friend inside your arms,

And to uncover another’s buried treasure,

I came because I want YOU to know what it’s like

To feel the weight of the world lifted off you

The darkness uncovered

Your shame removed

so you can breathe again.

Because I know what that’s like.

It’s Heaven

Come to Earth.’”

“Christmas is getting CLOSER!!!” my son shrieks again, those huge tiny hands held mere inches apart. “Can we open another flap?” he pleas.

“Tomorrow, Big Boy,” I reply, with some peace. I remind my heart as I promise him. “Tomorrow, another door will open.”



About Carolyn Nelson

Just trying to spread a little grace. I am in love with 4 boys (married to one, mother to three), and I think you're stinkin' awesome.
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One Response to Advent Doors / He came so he could say

  1. Dianne Carpinelli says:

    Thank you for sharing babydoll! I love the creative mind God gave you and your ability to share it.

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