The Life of Jesus Starring Charlie (2013)

Don’t you wonder how Jesus behaved as a toddler? (See my post from Christmas 2012 to see why I reflect on this.) Since the Bible is blank on the childhood of Jesus, and I’m no expert in child-rearing culture of the day, I don’t know if Jesus did the same things Charlie has done this year at the same age… like climbing out of a shopping cart, swinging at the park, rocking his rocking horse, or going to a zoo. I’m pretty positive he didn’t ride in a police car to go to a Memorial Day parade with ginormous floating character balloons in downtown Indianapolis. And while he didn’t take a 152(ish) hour car trip to Georgia through the mountains, I know he traveled to Egypt and Nazareth and other places as a child with some form of mammalian transportation (Impala? Just kidding).

As Charlie is learning about obedience and manners (or rather I should say, as we are trying to teach Charlie about obedience and manners), I have to ask, Did Jesus act out as a toddler? The guy never sinned, and disobedience to parents is a sin, right? So when he was 1 and a half, did he stop throwing food when Mary said “no”? Did Jesus have tantrums when he was tired and needed a nappy or did he control himself?  We have to correct Charlie everyday in some form or fashion, but what about Jesus?

I can’t help but suspect that Jesus was just like each of us and had to learn all that stuff too, and that Mary and Joseph had to ask for just as much wisdom in how to raise their child as Lyle and I do. Now, I’m just speculating, but don’t you think Jesus liked to be chased, and thought it was a fun game when he ran from his mother (who would try desperately to catch him) in the market? I can see her getting exasperated, taking a deep breath… and then finding herself shaking her head with a laugh as Jesus stopped running and spread the biggest, funniest, toothy toddler grin. She just couldn’t help it. “The Savior of the World,” she would say to herself, in awe.

So much to wonder. If Jesus did anything between 6 and 18 months like Charlie has this year, here are some things that might have gone down. Imagine Jesus and his family experiencing these things, though some would look different in a culture 2,000 years removed from ours.

Putting everything in his mouth, to test it out – from toys to mulch to sunshine spots on the floor

Daddy makes him giggle unstoppably

 (watch the video—>) 2013.06 Swinging Laughing Charlie and Dad

Learning to walk

First pair of shoes


Walking just fine by first birthday, running within another month or two.

Went from sitting in the shopping cart, to standing in the shopping cart, to climbing out of the shopping cart, to being (relatively) trustworthy in the shopping cart


Learned to whistle… dance… and even sing (“ooh ooh ooh ooh”)


Went from eating bananas only to anything and everything

Gives Raspberries

 (watch the video—>) 2013.10 Charlie Raspberries Daddy

Riding Dad


Likes books and toys that make noise



Pulling everything out of my bathroom drawers – he loves hairbrushes and toe separators

Before learning to kiss cheeks, he would poke your cheek with his finger and make a kiss face (like you did to ask for the kiss)

Little bits of curls in back…First hair cut (and 2nd)


Learning to brush teeth (aka chew on the toothbrush and eat the fruit flavored paste off)

14 teeth by 18 months

Wants whatever YOU are eating

Climbs into chairs

“Hi hi hi hi hi” – there’s a new friend around every corner

Helps change his own clothes

Learned to “Cheese”


Climbs the stairs with no hands

Tries to hug the cats

Plays every instrument he sees (piano, guitar, kazoo…)


Starting to use words to communicate. Says: “(Where’d it) Go?,” “up,”  “mow” (what a cat says), “moo” (what a cow says), “Deet doo” (thank you), “peas” (please), “day go” (There you go), “choo choo,” “wow,” “whoa,” “bite,” “heyo” (hello), “mommy,” “daddy” and more…

A paper plate… a pacifier… your spoon… they are all hats when you put them on your head and say “hat”


Innocently saying “hug?” with open arms… to get you to pick him up for one reason or another, not always for a hug.


And of course, there’s this beautiful chorus:

 (watch the video—>) 2013.05.04 Bbbbb with Dad SOOOO CUTE!

C’mon, you know Jesus did that.

I fall  in love with Jesus in a new way when I think about his sweet toddler heart. I can’t wait to watch Charlie grow into a big boy, a teenager, and a (handsome) young man to understand more of who Jesus was.

Luke 2:40 “And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on him.”

I know I’m a little late, but Merry Christmas to you all,


Carolyn (like singin’ at Christmastime!)



About Carolyn Nelson

Just trying to spread a little grace. I am in love with 4 boys (married to one, mother to three), and I think you're stinkin' awesome.
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