Mother’s Day / Treasure Your Season

I’m certain your joy was unfurled
When they said, “It’s a Boy!” or “a Girl!”
Now dream sweetly of
Grown or Little One’s love,
And today, know that YOU are their pearl.

That’s the cheesy limerick I wrote in the notes I gave to all my friends and clients for Mother’s Day (well, only the mothers). Except I accidentally wrote “know that you are their world” in a few of them, which I actually like better. I don’t know what it means to be someone’s pearl, but it sounded like something pretty that you treasure, and it rhymed. I don’t know why I didn’t think of “world.” Maybe I’d rather be a pearl. Sounds like a lot less pressure.

Anyways, I’ll come back to that.

Lyle and I are a part of this absolutely amazing church called itown. Had the church-planters been Indianapolis natives, they probably would have known we call this place Naptown instead, but nonetheless, itown it is, and it’s a body of God’s kids who are seeking Him and striving to mold their lives to His Will and Word. Like, they really are. Isn’t that a novel idea…

This weekend at itown church, we learned about Hannah, who desired children more than anything else. Her husband, Elkanah thought that having him should satisfy her; it was “better than having ten sons.” (What a man.)  Elkanah’s other wife was a fertile Myrtle who teased Hannah endlessly.

As our pastor spoke, he reminded me of so much I already knew deep down, like I should trust what God has promised and I should give grace to people when they act like stupid idiots. (I think the message notes actually say “give grace when you are misunderstood…”). But there was another tidbit tucked away in this story that I needed, and I needed it right now.

Treasure each season of life.

Hannah did it in her own way – you can hear about it here and/or read about it in 1 Samuel chapter 1. And you will need to do it in your own way as well.

Enter my creative writing.

Do you “dream sweetly of Grown or Little One’s love”? Or are your dreams more that Little One would be Grown One already? Maybe they’re not dreams, but nightmares. Maybe they’re neither because your teething infant hasn’t let you sleep in 86 straight hours… Do you wish Grown One would SLOW DOWN and Middle One would be as mature as Oldest One? Do you crave the time that Grown One will finally settle down and make new Little Ones? Maybe all you want is a Little One to dream of in the first place.

Should I go on? If you insist. You might be thinking…

When I get promoted, I’ll be happy.

When I own a home, I’ll be happy.

When I find someone who wants to marry me, I’ll be happy.

When I move to the big city, I’ll be happy.

When I graduate, I’ll be happy.

When I find a publisher for my book, I’ll be happy.

When the adoption goes through, I’ll be happy.

When my kids move out, I’ll be happy.

If I can just make it to the weekend, I’ll be happy.

When fill-in-your-own-blank happens, you’ll be happy.

What is that really saying? “Until ____________ happens, I’ll just go ahead and be miserable.”

You know what? Yes, you should dream of the future, and imagine the big things God has in store! See yourself in New York! See yourself with a family of 15! (Too much?) See yourself in your new career! You were made to thrive and grow and BECOME!

But don’t be deceived. You’re wasting time. Don’t you know this is a season you will never experience again? Don’t you know you’re gaining wisdom and perspective? Don’t you know there are people who need you where you are right in this moment? Stop wallowing, wishing for a different season. You may want to fast forward your life, but some things cannot be skipped – like the disciplined work it takes to become successful, or those awkward middle school years.  Treasure each season of life.

Do you want to know what mine has been?

When I can be a full-time Mom, I’ll be happy.





(Photos of Charlie I missed while I was at work).

There. I said it.  I never wanted to be a working mother. I have wrestled that disgusting monster that shouts, “but it’s not fair!” for just about a year now. And I’m ready to kick him through a bedroom door to Siberia (that is a Disney Pixar “Monsters, Inc.” reference for all you who didn’t catch it…) A mentor of mine always says, “If everyone you know wrote down their worst problem and threw it in a hat, and we all drew out a slip of paper, you would probably be asking if you could have your problem back.”

And he’s right. I know that my family is a blessing. I know that my job is a blessing. And I refuse to accept that my blessings are stressing me out. This is the Season of the Working Mom. It won’t last forever. While I’m in it, I’m going to enjoy encouraging my co-workers. I’m going to enjoy the walking trail on my lunch hour. I’m going to appreciate that someone else changes a few diapers for me everyday. And I’m going to embrace that for 50 hours a week, absence is making my heart grow fonder of my family.

Look to the future. Imagine it. Work for your dreams. But don’t be miserable about them. Misery makes today drag on longer and pushes your dreams farther off.  So don’t wish away your Little Ones or any other challenge you face. Treasure your season.

“All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort. He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.” 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

What season are you in? How will you treasure it?


About Carolyn Nelson

Just trying to spread a little grace. I am in love with 4 boys (married to one, mother to three), and I think you're stinkin' awesome.
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4 Responses to Mother’s Day / Treasure Your Season

  1. Jim Carpinelli says:

    That’s great advice and very Zen. And, I like world better than pearl. Change it. I won’t tell.

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